SVRF Salt Nic | 30ml


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SVRF eLiquid is available in 30ml bottles in 24 mg and 48mg nicotine strength.

Balanced: Rich coconut cream.

Refreshing: Sweet payapa, mango, and cantalope.

Revive: Wild blueberries and fresh squeezed lime.

Satisfying: Raspberry dragonfruit iced tea.

Stimulating: Chilled berries and lychee.

Iced Balanced: Icy rich coconut cream.

Iced Refreshing: Icy sweet payapa, mango, and cantalope.

Iced Revive: Icy wild blueberries and fresh squeezed lime.

Iced Satisfying: Icy raspberry dragonfruit iced tea.

Iced Stimulating: Icy berries and lychee.

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