Sadboy eLiquid | 100ml

Sad Boy

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Sadboy 100ml eLiquid is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. NOTE: While we have switched to TFN (Tobacco-Free Nicotine), you may still receive traditional nicotine with your order until stock has depleted.

Strawnola: A tasty granola bar with bits of strawberry, drizzled in sweet cream.
Blueberry Jam Cookie: A sweet and sugary butter cookie, topped with crisp blueberries and sweet cream.
Butter Cookie: Sweet and sugar ginger bread cookies, topped with a layer of zesty lemon cream.
Custard Cookie: A creamy vanilla custard drizzled over sweet and sugary butter cookies.
Happy End Blue: Hand spun blue raspberry cotton candy.
Happy End Pink: Handspun sweet strawberry cotton candy.
Key Lime Cookie: A sweet and sugary butter cookie, topped with chunks of lime and sweet cream.
Pumpkin Cookie: A year round favorite, this sweet and sugary pumpkin spice buttercookie is no longer a seasonal treat.
Shamrock Cookie: A creamy mint milkshake with chunks of butter cookie.
Strawberry Jam Cookie: A decadent cookie with chunks of strawberry jam.
Unicorn Tears: A tart and fruity cookie blend, almost mysterious in nature.
Berry Nola: A tasty granola bar with chunks of blueberry and sweet cream.

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Sad Boy